Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm going back to Cally: Cally's Restaurant and Brewing Company, Harrisonburg, VA

If you ever head out to Harrisonburg, VA and you love good, local, craft beer? You are in luck. Harrisonburg is very fortunate to have an outstanding brewpub/brewery in Cally's Restaurant and Brewing Company. Located downtown, this place has it all, great service, great atmosphere, great food, and some really great craft beer. At any time you will find 5-7 beer pouring and an impressive menu with a variety of dishes.

Their Smokin Scottish Ale a flagship brew is one of the most impressive Scottish ales being brewed on the East Coast in my opinion. It is such a malty, delicious beer, and I love the fact that Cally's has made this beer style a signature beer. Cally's offers a good range of beer styles both ales and lagers. I have enjoyed pale ales to double bocks, Altbier to rye pale ales. Cally's always gives you a good range and all their beers are stylistically accurate and well crafted.

Beer should always be the star at a brewpub, and Cally's gets it right. As good as the food is here, as popular as this place is, the beer has always taken center stage. Their beautiful brewhouse can be prominently seen behind the glass at a long, inviting bar. This place is immaculately clean, a very good sign indeed. This is a great place to go have a few beers at the bar, or a nice place to visit for lunch and dinner. Growlers are available to go so you can take some of that great, local craft beer home with you. For more information visit Cally's site at:


  1. the beers are pretty good and true to type (my favorite is their scotch ale). the food is still good but has fallen off some lately. they are getting lackadaisacal (sp?) with their food

  2. Sadly they closed and are out of business. Have been for a few years now. The good news is they were replaced with a Capitol Ale House, which is an outstanding beer bar.