Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful: Bold City Brewing, Jacksonville, FL

Being a veteran of the craft beer scene for past 20 years or so, has really made me appreciate beer at the local level. For me, there is nothing better than drinking local and finding those small, artisan brewpubs and breweries that serve their local markets. I've had some amazingly good beers along the way and some places have been particularly memorable. One such place is the Bold City Brewery of Jacksonville, FL. I was fortunate enough the visit this place last year, and enjoyed many a pint in their beautiful, little tap room/pub area attached to the brewery.
Founded in 2008, Bold City has only been brewing for two years, but in that short time, they have gained a very strong and local following. Bold City brews up an number of different beers styles, and they are doing them very well. If you visit the tap room, you will find 7-10 beers pouring, including a seasonal offering, and special "one off" beers. I was able to enjoy a cream ale, a hefeweizen, a pale ale, English old ale, a red ale, a brown ale, and IPA, and espresso aged brown ale, and a smoked porter.
A very impressive line up, and each beer I tried was flavorful and delicious. Bold City does a fantastic thing as well. If you are going to purchase a beer at the tap room, they will give you a free sample try of every beer they have on tap. If you are hungry? They have a private catering who will grill up some burgers and wings for you as you enjoy the beer in the tap room.
Want to take some beer to go?
Growlers are available as well. Due to Florida law, the growlers are a gallon in size. Most growlers are either 2 liters or a half gallon making the Florida growler quite unique. This should not deter you from purchasing one in my opinion. The initial investment of $20 for a gallon of world class craft beer is money well spent. I was happy to fill my growler with their winter seasonal smoked porter. I will return with my growler the next time I find myself in the Jacksonville, FL area. The brewery has recently purchased a bottling line, and is in the process of offering Bold City beers in 12 oz bottles. Look for find their beers at local retailers and of course cases to be sold at the brewery to go. For now, Bold City beers are available on draught at restaurants and bars in the Jacksonville area, so these beers are well worth seeking out if you are in the area. If you are a beer lover? Then a visit the brewery is a must visit. For more information on this incredible little, local brewery visit:

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