Sunday, July 4, 2010

Give me Liberty! Anchor Liberty Ale

On this most sacred day for Americans, our Independence Day, I can not think of a more appropriate beer to celebrate with than a few ice cold bottles of Anchor Liberty Ale from the Anchor Brewing Company, of San Francisco, CA. This beer has never been called an American Pale Ale or American India Pale Ale by style, but may indeed be the prototype to those two now classic style that were to come and can be found with great ease today.

Liberty Ale was first or one of the the very first examples of an American beer that featured the Cascade hop variety, an hybrid American hop grown in the Pacific Northwest. Cascades are unmistakable in a beer. They have those signature lemon, citrus hop aromas, flavors and bitterness that really make a great "hoppy" beer just sing hops. This beer was first brewed by Anchor in 1975 to commemorate the ride of Paul Revere, so today of all days is a great day to lift an Liberty Ale and say God Bless America.

This beer is an American classic. Hop character is in this beer in abundance, yet this beer has a solid malt backbone to balance, and is a very drinkable beer. Liberty Ale is dry hopped which means it conditions over whole flower hops giving this beer very fragrant hop aromatics that make it even more complex and inviting.

Anchor Liberty Ale pours to a deep orange color, with a tight white head that fades, and a moderate amount of carbonation. The nose on this beer is just bursting with fragrant, zesty, vibrant, citrus/lemon and slight herbal hop aromas. This is paired with a touch of pale and caramel malt aroma, but the hop aroma really shines here. The palate is soft with good pale and caramel malt flavors, with some light fruit flavor. Liberty Ale finishes with more malt and fruit flavor up front, then ends with a long, dry, citrus hop bitterness that lingers.

This is a wonderful beer to drink or enjoy with a meal. It makes a great aperitif beer, and is the beer world's answer to a dry martini. It is a great beer to enjoy year round, but this one would be a natural at any cook out or barbecue today on the 4th of July. Happy 4th of July!! God Bless America! For more info visit:

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  1. Gotta love Liberty Ale. It was my introduction to the Cascade and one of my very favorite craft brews to this day. Excellent choice for a 4th of July brew!