Friday, May 21, 2010

Fully Loaded: Pizza Port Trigger Hoppy

If you ever find yourself in and around Orange County, CA a trip to the Pizza Port Brewing Company is an absolute must for beer lovers. Pizza Port has three locations, and I was fortunate enough to pay their Carlsbad, CA location a visit on a recent trip to California. The concept of a pizza place with a micro brewery is an awesome one in my opinion. Beer and pizza? Does it get any better?

The quality and variety of pizzas and beers at Pizza Port are tremendous, and this place has rightfully earned its stellar reputation over the years. Pizza Port brews a variety of beer styles, and also offers a pretty impressive list of guest beers from other California brewers and beyond. This place quite simply is beer heaven.

I enjoyed a number of beers on my visit, and was happy to sample their Trigger Hoppy which is a an unofficial sub style of India Pale Ale called Belgian IPA. These beers usually combine the bold and aggressive hop character of American IPA with the funky, spicy, sour, and wild characters of a number of Belgian ales. Trigger Hoppy is a great example, with lots of big aromas and flavors.

Trigger Hoppy pours to a slightly hazy golden color, with a bright, white head that slowly fades, and a vibrant carbonation. The nose on this beer is excellent with a big smack of zesty, citrus hop aromas, paired with some earthy, spicy yeast, and some good pale malt aroma. The palate is firm with good biscuity and pale malt flavor, paired with some citrus/grapefruit hop flavors. This beer finishes with more good spicy and earthy yeast up front, then ends with some pale malt sweetness and some zesty, citrus hop bitterness that lingers.
Outstanding beer from a very impressive brewpub. The pizzas and the beers here are fantastic and is well, well worth a visit. For more information visit:

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