Saturday, May 22, 2010

Power to the People: The People's Pint

Beer has been and will always be a drink of the people. It crosses all cultures, all social strata, all boundaries. Go pretty much anywhere in the world, and you will find beer. For me, local beer is beer at its very best. There is nothing quite like drinking a quality, fresh, handcrafted brew from a tiny local brewpub and brewery. Beers that literally go from the tanks right into your glass.
We are very fortunate in the U.S. these days. Thousands of little brewpubs and craft breweries dot the American landscape, and beer is being brewed and produced in places it never was in the past. From major metropolitian areas to little country towns, if you look hard enough you will find a brewpub or brewery. I love finding little brewpubs or breweries off the beaten path. Part of the thill of a beer hunt is the actual hunt itself. You never know what to expect, and you must make the trek if you ever want to get an ellusive taste of a beer that can only be found in a local market.
A great example of what I am talking about is The People's Pint in Greenfield, MA. This is a small brewpub/brewery established in 1997 produces outstanding ales while offering exeptional food, in a laid back casual atmosphere. This is a small, cozy place, in a small New England town. The People's Pint does not take credit cards, but takes cash and personal checks if you can believe it. When was the last time you paid for a meal or a round of beers with your check book? Its is just one of the quirky things I love about this place, but make no mistake the beer is the star here.
The People's Pint uses traditional British brewing methods, and their beer styles are decidedly British. Here you can enjoy an IPA, a stout, a porter, a bitter, an ESB, a mild, a brown ale. You will also find some Irish, German, and Beligan beer style in their line up, and all will be stylistically accurate, fresh, and flavorful. I have enjoyed a number of beers from the People's Pint and was very impressed. I reviewed a few of their beers on my last visit, and had this to say about their May Day:
Sampled on draught at the brewpub, and a growler to go. Pours to a beautiful, deep amber to red color, with a thick white head, and a moderate carbonation. The nose on this beer is excellent with lots of good sweet and caramel malt aroma, paired with vibrant piney and citrus hop aromas. The palate is firm with good sweet and caramel malt flavor, flavors of ripe fruit, and tangy/zesty hop flavor. May Day finishes with more good malt, fruit and hops up front, then ends with a zesty burst of citrus hop bitterness that lingers.
The People's Pint is local, fresh, delicious craft beer. The food is outstanding as well, and the cozy, laid back atomsphere is welcoming as the service. This is what a great brewpub exepericence is all about. Growler to go, as well as 22oz bombers, so you can take some great beers home with you. For more information visit:

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