Friday, May 28, 2010

What is new is old: Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Nice to see Arizona's newest brewery is located in Bisbee, AZ the home of Arizona's very first. The Old Bisbee Brewing Company opened its doors on March 14th, 2010. The line up at the brewery tap room looks pretty impressive with a Scottish ale, a pale ale, a hefeweizen, a pilsner, an IPA, a nut brown ale, and an Imperial Stout for starters.

Amazing how far craft beer has come as just 22 years ago, in the same town of Bisbee, the legendary Electric Dave opened up Arizona's very first brewery in 1988 with the founding of the Electric Brewing Company.

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  1. Visited the brewery in Bisbee back in October of 2010. This is a great little brewery doing a great job. Bisbee is a funky, weird, cool town, and Old Bisbee is a great fit. Growlers to go, beer can only be found on tap at the brewery. This is beer for the local Bisbee market, and the Bisbee market alone. A great thing, and if you have been to Bisbee? You will get it! Love this place!! A must visit.

  2. Was sitting there this past Thursday night.Several good beers,good brats,and endless characters coming and going,typical Bisbee

  3. Absolutely loved this place. Check out the Penthouse on my blog