Friday, February 5, 2010

The best food to eat while you are drinking beer?

This very issue has been debated for decades. I know there are foods I crave after a long night of drinking beer, but what food do I like while I am drinking beer? Fried pickles have become a rising star, but they can be hard to find on a lot of menus. Is it possible that anything goes better with beer than Buffalo wings? I get pizza, fries, and all that, but you want to drink a lot of beer, and have something to keep up with the drinking? Buffalo wings is it for me. I tend to go with the super hot wings and always go with blue cheese and celery vs ranch dressing. Not a big fan of "dipping" either. I eat the wing, then dip the celery stick in the blue cheese to cool the burn. Anal retentive on following the proper Buffalo wing protocol.


  1. Spicy wings are best paired with hoppy beers to my taste. I'm rather fond of watching the Patriots at my local pub while downing beers, and ordering a plate of spicy wings with a hoppy brew at halftime. I for one do like dipping the occasional wing in the bleu cheese, though.

  2. Took the "Death Wing" challenge at a local bar and won the challenge. I paid a heavy price after my "victory" if you know what I mean. I love hot, but if the wings are so spicy all you get is heat? No thanks. For me the perfect wing is hot, spicy, tangy, a slight burn after you have one even with the blue cheese to cool. I must admit, I dip as well when I run out of celery or carrot sticks. Anyway you slice it, Buffalo wings is one of the greatest bar foods on the planet.

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