Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seasons in the Sun: Saison Dupont

Now here is a beer that is about as world class, as a beer can get. This very special beer is one of my all time favorite beers on the plant, and comes to us from the beer Nirvana that is Belgium. The beer is a Saison or "Season" by style, which has also been dubbed Belgian Farmhouse Ale. It is meant to be consumed in the summer months, but thankfully, this beer is available year round in select markets in America. The beer I speak of is the legendary Saison Dupont from the Brasserie Dupont of Tourpes, Belgium.

This little farm house brewery puts out some amazingly good products, and has earned a stellar reputation in the beer world. A little history from the bottle:

Brewed in one of Europe's last farmhouse breweries, in Hainaut province, Saison Dupont is a 4-star, world classic example of the Belgian Saisons style. This increasingly rare specialty originated before the age of refrigeration as a beer to be brewed in winter for summer drinking. The style required a beer sturdy enough to age in the bottle but refreshing enough to be enjoyed in warm weather. Saison Dupont fits this description perfectly. It has a big, fruity boquet, and dense head. The taste start fruity but ends dry and very clean with a light refreshing body.

Saison Dupont pours to a very bright, hazy, yellow color with a thick, dense pillowy white head, and a very vibrant carbonation. The nose on this beer is fantastic, with zesty, grassy hop aromas, paired with estery citric fruity aromas. The palate is firm with a nice base of biscuity pale malt flavor, paired with more estery fruity flavors, and a refreshing, acidic sour edge. The natural carbonation of this beer gives it such finesse on the tongue, it is just so flavorful and refreshing. Saison Dupont finishes with more good pale malt and tart fruit flavors up front, then ends dry, zesty, and very refreshing as it lingers on thetongue.

This is a phenomenal beer. At 6.5% abv it has enough heft to make a nice aperitif beer, and the perfect beer to rouse the appetite before dinner. It has tremedous cutting power as well, and would be the perfect beer to match with rich and buttery cheeses or strong and sharp cheeses, as well as rich, hearty meat dishes, such as brazed lamb shanks, or prime rib of beef. It is marketed in 750ml bottles, and is a steal for $7-$9 a bottle. If you can find this beer in your market, do yourself a favor by purchase a few. Enjoy a rare, unique beer style, and one of the world's greatest beers. For more information visit the brewery's site at:

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