Friday, February 5, 2010

The Worst Beer Book I have read in a long time

This book is woefully outdated. Sadly it is the nature of these types of "travel guides." The alleged updates on the author's website, which keeps this book "current", are woefully outdated as well. I can not see why anyone would want to purchase this book. The information contained in this book could be easily obtained in a matter of minutes by visiting a few brewery and beer websites, and would cost you nothing. Why would you waste money on this? There are beer and brewery websites out there dedicated to this, and they are current! Area attractions? Again, information that can be easily gleaned off the internet by visiting a few travel sites (cost free I might add) or could be found in free travel brochures at local rest stops and gas stations. A travel guide like this might have been useful maybe 15-20 years ago, but in 2010? It is a relic, one might even say benighted. In my opinion, (the last time I checked, we are still allowed to have one in the U.S.) this book is not worth the paper it is printed on. I can understand why you can get a copy starting at $0.01. It's not even worth that much.

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