Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Sad loss for Richmond, VA: Richbrau Brewing closes

Sad news for beer lovers in the city of Richmond, VA. The Richmond Times Dispatch has reported that the Richbrau Brewing Company established in Shockeo Slip area of Richmond in 1993, has closed its doors. Any loss of a brewpub/brewery that provided local beer is sad news indeed. Business had been spotty at Richbrau for the past few years, and this brewpub is yet another victim of the times. I had visited Richbrau a few years back and enjoyed my visit and the beer styles I sampled at the brewpub. I would also see Richbrau at local beer fests, and would always sample their beers. They brewed a range of beer styles, and I remember their beers being well made with some examples being outstanding. Thanks for the memories Richbrau, and thank you for the beer.

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