Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rhino Chasers Reborn: Lost Rhino Brewing Company

Anyone who lives in Northern Virginia and particularly Loudoun County is very familiar with Route 28. It runs both north and south, and I am happy to say very shortly if you take Rout 28 North you will be able to pay the Lost Rhino Brewing Company of Ashburn, VA a visit.

Ashburn, VA had a brewery from 1989 until 2008 when sadly, the Old Dominion Brewing Company closed its doors for good and stopped brewing beer in Virginia. Old Dominion is still being brewed in Dover, DE but it really has been reduced to just a label. The strong local following it once had in Northern Virginia is all but gone. OD products can still be found in bars on draught, and bottles in beer stores in Northern Virginia, but I just can't bring myself to buy it. It is not the Old Dominion I knew and loved.

Two former Old Dominion brewers must have felt the same way, and they were going to do something about it. Favio Garcia, the former head brewer at Old Dominion ,along with Matt Hagerman a former OD brewer, and brewer at Growlers in Gaithersburg, MD founded the M.A. Hagerman Brewing Company in June of 2009. Their products will be called Rhino Chasers. What is a Rhino Chaser? The name Rhino Chasers is taken from the mythology of the California surfing culture. Rhino Chasers were daredevil surfers who challenged the big waves they called "rhinos" on longboards known as "guns".

For craft beer lovers who remember? Rhino Chasers was the brand name for the defunct William & Scott Brewing Company of Huntington Beach, CA. They went out of business in 1997, and Lost Rhino Brewing has revived the brand and plan to brew four different beers under the Rhino Chaser label:

Under Toe Wheat
Riptide Pale Ale
Shark Tooth IPA
Black Fin Stout

 Surfs up in Northern Virginia. For more information visit:

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