Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bring it Bock: Yuengling Bock Beer

How good is this? A beer back on the market from D.G. Yuengling & Sons the oldest brewery in the United States, established in 1829. I'm happy about it, just picked up a six pack. Here is what the brewery has to say:
Yuengling Bock Beer to Return in 2010

Pottsville, PA, January 2010 – Last year, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., celebrated their 180th Anniversary by re-introducing a late-winter seasonal classic, Yuengling Bock Beer. Available only in draft, it was the first time a Bock Beer was produced by Yuengling in nearly 40 years. The product was so well received, it will make a triumphant return in both kegs and bottles in January, 2010.“Local taverns and pubs in our distribution area will once again become a destination for customers to enjoy this product on tap,” commented Lou Romano, Marketing Manager. “Last year, there were many loyal customers looking for Bock in bottles to take home and enjoy with family and friends, but it was not available. There’s a great deal of consumer excitement that it’s coming back in draft and package.”With a deep amber color, pleasing malt base, and a refreshing hop aroma, Yuengling Bock Beer will be offered in 6-pack (12 oz) bottles, ¼ barrels, and ½ barrels starting January 18, 2010, and will last for approximately 10-12 weeks.The bottle label and package design is based on actual Yuengling Bock Beer artwork from 1941. It can be found on display in the Yuengling Museum and Gift Shop in Pottsville, PA.
How does it taste? Probably the most flavorful beer I have tasted from Yuengling outside their Porter.
This beer pours to a beautiful, bright, deep chestnut color, with a foamy white head that fades, and a good bit of carbonation. The nose on this beer is nice, slightly nutty and toasty aroma that is pleasing. The palate is firm, good toasty and lightly nutty flavors on a smooth, round, clean palate. This beer finishes with more good toasty and light nutty flavors up front, then ends with a light nutty finish that fades.
All and all, a nice, malty, clean bockbier. Not quite up to snuff with the Germans or craft beer versions of this style, but a very well done beer with good flavor and a very drinkable. I like this one. Its been in the Northern Virginia market for a few weeks now, so look for this one where ever Yuengling is sold. For more information visit:


  1. Like the label says: Tastes good

  2. This a a good beer, not the greatest example of bock I have every tried, but a good drinking beer with good flavor. Good price as well. Only going to be around for a few more weeks, so snap it up if you see it.

  3. Got some myself yesterday at Green's, which was the first place I have seen it. Snapped a sixer right up, and glad I did. Great little beer, a decent bock and very tasty.


  4. OK, I love the label too. All I could think of when I saw it was, "Now that's marketing!"

  5. What? They told you this is a limited brew?? Will have to get back over to Chantilly next week.


  6. Look at the label. Says right on the bottle Limited Release. Get it while you can. Great price on this one as well.